List of recordings (solo and chamber-music)

Mad Cows Sing (Stunt Records, 1998)

Mad Cows Sing (Cowbell Music, 1999)

Gustav Helsted: Cello Concerto (Danacord 2000)

Rebus (Exlibris, 2000)

Sartory Quartet (Helicon, 2002)

Works for solo cello (Chandos, 2004)

French Pieces (Classico Records 2006)

Live at Tivoli Concert Hall DVD/CD (So What Film, 2009)

Copenhagen Cello Quartet (Paula, 2013)

More French Pieces (DRS, 2016)

Les Mobiles (Cowbell Music, 2020)

Still Life - Koppel/Thomsen(Dacapo, 2020)

Messiaen: Quatuor pour la fin du temps (Our Recording, 2022)

Gently - Koppel/Thomsen(Cowbell Music, 2022)